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Money and property are two integral parts of a relationship that often get argued over during a divorce. If you have questions or concerns about these or other divorce issues, turn to skilled attorney Greg Kudela at the law office of Gregory Kudela & Associates P.L.L.C. With over two decades of experience handling all types of divorce issues, Mr. Kudela prides himself on being a trusted advocate for clients throughout Oakland County and Lapeer County.

A knowledgeable lawyer, Greg Kudela takes the time to get to know his clients and their needs. This allows him to pursue a resolution that suits clients’ specific situations and potential future needs. He is dedicated to seeing that clients’ rights are preserved and can be relied upon for all types of legal needs. Contact his office or call 248-814-2000 or 248-236-8500 to set up a meeting to discuss your case.

Property Division

In Michigan, property is divided according to the law of equitable distribution. This means that property and assets are divided between the parties in a fair and equal manner, but not necessarily 50-50. Assets, businesses, real estate and other property must be properly assessed and valuated in order to ensure that division is completed appropriately. It is important to note that marital debts are also divided during this process.

Spousal Support

Also sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony, spousal support is the amount of money that one spouse pays to the other. Though spousal support is not awarded in every case, the courts consider a range of factors when determining the amount of spousal support that is to be granted such as length of the marriage, contribution of both parties to the marriage, age of the parties, lifestyle maintained during the marriage and other factors.

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